BMX Union joined us last weekend & covered the full event ! Check out the video & all the details THANK YOU AGAIN BMX UNION!

On December 20th, The Factory in Minneapolis invited everyone out for their first ever Minnesota Mayhem BMX jam and Team Contest that Kenny Short organized. It was definitely a different approach than most BMX contests in the world. The concept was pretty straight forward. Have six of the youngest riders at the contest take turns picking team mates of all ages and skills, then they would go head to head on three different sections of the park. Each team had their own jam, racking up points that would be calculated toward one score as a team.

Above is a BMX video giving you a look at the highlights from all the riders on each section!

Team Isaac: Isaac, Mike Dinello, Carson, Luke

Team: Zander: Zander, Tristan Sagastume, Joel Lange, Jaden Lange

Team Wyatt: Wyatt, Alex, Kyle, Jared

Team Nathan: Nathan, Nick Johnson, Reed, Sage

Team Tyler: Tyler, Jared, Dallas Light, Trevor

Team Jack: Jack, Tommy Glidden, Ryker, Jordan

Check out the results below!

Street: Team Jack
Mini Ramp: Team Isaac
Box Jump: Team Zander
Overall: Team Nathan

Judges: Kenny Short, Evan Moyle and Ben Polaschek

Best Trick Winners: Reed Bleymeyer and Nick Johnson – Reed with a flip tuck no hander (10 years old) and Nick Johnson landing a 720 barspin back to back.

Contest sponsors: To Die For Clothing, QBMX, 3rd Lair Skate Park, NoWear BMX, Ride MN, Deco, Rays MTB, The Link Foundation, Shadow Conspriacy, Subrosa, Stay Strong, Lil’ Pros BMX, InterBMX, BMX Union