Factory Build Team

One of the most special things about our facility, is that we have built it all with our own bare hands. Some of Minnesota’s most talented ramp builders are a close part of The Factory’s family, who also have been a part of the X Games Minneapolis build at US Bank Stadium, and many other professional level contests worldwide. We are an extremely well networked in the industry and know all of the best transitions and angles for every type of ramp you could imagine. We have built all different types of ramps and in all different types of spaces from quarter pipes to banks and grind boxes. We have worked on uneven services, also leveling out the terrain before building.

General Type of Ramps
Half Pipes
Mini Ramps
Box Jumps
Grind Boxes
Banks, Rails, & Ledges

If you are ever interested in having your own ramp built, we would be happy to send you a quote for lumber, labor, and additional materials costs.

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