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The Factory Explores a New Location, with One Massive Final Celebration Jam This Saturday… Followed by Dozens of Stunt Shows & Free Bike Giveaways at Scheduled Events All Summer Long…

The Factory Explores a New Location, with One Massive Final Celebration Jam This Saturday May 25th, 2019

Due to uncontrollable circumstances, The Factory unfortunately can no longer continue to operate in the location where we originally started nearly 10 years ago, and we are actively exploring new locations.

We are throwing one last massive session on the main box jump area of the park this Saturday, which will include filming our very last tricks in this building, and interviews sharing our favorite memories from over the years.

Please spread the word…

The Final Factory Celebration Jam Before Moving

Saturday, May 25th
Beginners & Kids 1-3pm
Advanced Riders 3pm-6pm

$10 for Non-Members

All admissions go directly to help support the costs for our big move. After this very last massive celebration session, the rest of our ramps will begin to come down immediately and moved into semi trailers for transportation next week.

Hold On, What Just Happened?
The entire property was suddenly sold to a new owner, who now has their own vision for the property. There was hope that we could continue in their new vision, as we already experienced a change in property ownership a few years ago, however after eviction notes were issued to tenants we now see extreme risk in not having our indoor facility available for next winter. We have until May 31st to exit the property and sincerely apologize for the very short notice, this is not an ideal situation for anyone.

Okay, So Now What?
Our Team at The Factory has been extremely pro-active in finding a new home for us to continue what we’ve worked so hard for. These past 10 years have been an absolute dream come true, and we’ve written a story that we also feel is also ready for this big new step into our next decade together. As we look at new properties, there are so many very exciting things to look forward to, including a building that actually has property management, a non-leaking roof, our very own finished & clean restrooms, an actual parking lot, possibly even our own sign & store-front, all in a much more inviting location.

Searching for a New Location
Dozens of new properties have been toured, however finding our new home has been no easy task. We have a very unique use of space and requirements, and we have been running into many unforeseen challenges with property owners, commercial brokers, building architects, engineers & surveyors, fire departments, and city councils. Multiple new leases have already fallen through due to various reasons. Warehouse referrals at this point are extremely appreciated.

What About Memberships?
We want everyone to know that we will always move our facility forward with our members best interest in mind. Since day one at The Factory, memberships have been based on our signed lease. After May 31st, if The Factory has no signed lease, all memberships will be put on hold. Once we have warehouse space and a new lease is signed, memberships will continue. Best-case scenario we have a new location by May 31st, however in an absolute worst-case scenario, if no lease is signed, and we have no new location for The Factory by the end of our current pre-paid memberships on September 31st, members will then receive a refund for their un-used pre-paid months of membership back to May 31st. This also applies to month-to-month members as well.

Moving Forward
It is extremely important that we stick together as a team during this challenging time, which will help provide the best possible outcome for the future of our indoor facility. When we really start thinking of our next decade together, it is also very hard to imagine our existing space being realistic… There are many issues that we are ready to move on from. We can have it so much better, and we truly feel that this is a blessing in disguise…

This timing to move could not be any better, and there would be no better way to celebrate 10 years than a brand new location… 

If anyone does have a warehouse referral in mind, or would be interested in being a part of our Factory Move Team below, please reach out directly to Factory Co-Founder Dustin Grice via email at [email protected]

Thank you again for your continued support, and patience as we continue paving this exciting path that has led us here today.

The Factory would not exist without you. 

Let’s get through this next big step, and RIDE for another decade together…

The Factory Move Team

Would LOVE to include you too!

This is the biggest step that The Factory has ever encountered, and we would love for you to be a part of this exciting new experience with us. It is not every day that a community has their own indoor bike park…

No matter what your availability is, even an hour or two of help makes a huge difference… All of our ramps are being loaded into semi trailers to be moved mid next week. Incredible teamwork & progress has been made so far… 

This is exactly what The Factory has always been about. 

We would like to give a HUGE Thank You to all of those who have stopped by so far this week to show their support to help contribute to this next big step for The Factory…

Cody Reinert
Matt Peterson
Doug Griess
Alex Hiltunen
Tom Haugen
Kenny Short
Jack Westby
Joe Westby
Reed Bleymeyer
Dani Bleymeyer
Carson Rietschel
Stephane Pannier
Paul Pankonin
Kyle Heaser
Kayla Szafraniec
Nick Edlefsen
Isaac Zimmer
Chase Zimmer
Justin Zimmer
Jessica Zimmer
Akshay Biyani
Butch Lehman
Blake Schwartz

How Can You Help Too?

Helping On-Site This Week:
Wednesday May 22nd 3-9pm
Thursday May 23rd 3-9pm
Friday May 24th 3-9pm
Saturday May 25th (No Moving, Final Jam & Film Day!)

Helping On-Site Next Week:
Sunday May 26th 9am-9pm
(Sunday will be a BIG TEARDOWN DAY… Lots of Help Needed, Bring a Drill!)

Monday May 27th 3-9pm
Tuesday May 28th 3-9pm
Wednesday May 29th 3-9pm

Simply text Factory Co-Founder Dustin Grice when you’d like to join! 952-200-7732

Helping Remotely via Donation:
Moving is not easy, especially in a commercial environment. Many people have also reached out offering to contribute to our move via a donation. We have included a button below if this is something that interests you. If you would like to keep your donation completely anonymous, please leave a note with the contribution and we will keep your name completely anonymous moving forward.

Our 2019 Show Season

Fully Booked & Ready To Perform!

Summer is what shuts down indoor parks like The Factory. Everyone wants to ride outdoors, so we had to figure out a way to keep our doors open. Proceeds from our shows & events go back into The Factory every summer to keep our doors open and fuel the development of the next generation of athletes.

We even give away a brand new bike to one lucky kid at many of our events!


Check out our 2019 Tour Schedule below, and visit for videos and more information.

Brand New Spring Apparel!

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Thank You Everyone. Let’s Move Then RIDE!

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