Ride a Single Day Session, or 24/7. Ride More. Pay Less.

There is no place like The Factory throughout the entire world.

The majority of indoor parks shut down after 2 years, this means we have had to carefully learn how to open and run our facility in a way that we can continue to keep us around as long as possible. This has taken nearly 10 years. Although we are Open 24 Hours, all riders need to learn below about how we operate.

Our Prices have Changed!

Ride 24/7 For Only $17/Week? My Entire Family?
Once you look through all of our new price options, you will see that you now have options to ride for an even lower price than you have been…

As a little hobby facility that started nearly 10 years ago with only a few ramps, imagining where we would be at today is an absolute dream come true. We also want to remind everyone that in November of 2018 along with our Brand New “Factory 8.0” Build, we announced that our prices would be changing for the first time ever beginning 2019. This has been an extremely difficult one. We pushed so hard for 8 years to never increase prices, however it’s just not sustainable and unhealthy for The Factory when all costs keep rising as we try to maintain a park 5 times larger than it was day one. Summer is what shuts down all indoor parks, and those who continue to stick with us and support us throughout our difficult times will have a lower monthly rate. Open sessions, lessons, groups, memberships, everything has been increased logically based on the inflation that has been ignored over the years…

From This in 2011…

As Low As $23/Week

To This in 2019…

As Low As $17/Week

Learn About our New 2019 Prices…

Ride More. Pay Less.

The Factory and all Indoor Parks NEED Year Round Support.

We want to motivate you to get out, get active, and RIDE more than ever with your own indoor riding facility. 

Our New Recurring Monthly Prices include a “Progressive Commitment Discount” based on how long you are willing to support our facility, with an additional “Recurring Loyal Member Discount” for those who support us year after year. Our “Bulk Pre-Paid Annual Membership Discount” is still available for those who like to take advantage of paying the full amount up front. We are also introducing an “Annual Membership Sale Day” every year on October 1st with the largest discount The Factory has ever offered, and with that being nearly 9 months away, we are also offering a one time “8 Month Membership Sale Day” this upcoming February 1st to cover our riding and facility support right up through September 31st (Breaking Down to Only $17/Week for your Entire Family) .

All Members will now receive Free Passes & Discount Passes for Friends!

On January 15th, our new Daily Open Session Prices will begin.

On February 1st, our New Memberships with begin. Members have from now until February to decide on their new membership option and how you want to support our facility moving forward. If you have an existing membership, The Factory will refund any extra payments in transition.

Everyone is also required to Sign our New 2019 Waiver starting the next time you ride, either online or on site at The Factory.

Want a Free Month of Riding?
We also have a brand new Refer-a-Friend Annual Membership Program.

Thank You.

To all the riders & families that support us, our partners, our show riders and the dozens of fairs festivals & schools we work hard for in our extremely slow 6 month “outdoor riding weather” season, we can not thank you enough as we ride together here today. Not only do we want to create a healthy & sustainable facility as long as possible, we want to continue advancing all areas of our facility and offerings to our community. We hope you can see the progress and differences in our lives that The Factory has blessed us with over the past 8 years. You are all amazing. Thank you all. Let’s RIDE!

24/7 Family Memberships
Monthly or Annually

All Membership Options Paid via Card Right Here Online
Join the fun with the rest of our riders & families!
Ride with us 24/7 in a much more relaxed environment outside of the Open Sessions above.

Imagine a “24 Hour Fitness” but for Action Sports… A friendly indoor facility to get away at any hour of the day… Any day of the week. Our facility is available to you and your family 24/7. The Factory has been known to change many lives around the midwest, and especially change many views on Minnesota’s long & cold winters. No place around the world offers anything like this.

Sign Up Fee: $50

All new & restarted memberships require a $50 Sign Up Fee. All Sign Up Fees support the security of our facility, giving you 24 hour your access to our park, a member check in card you will use when using the facility, and your member welcome kit that all first time members receive in the mail. This Fee is Waived from Current Existing Members rolling into 2019, Current Members Click Here to request your Free Sign Up Code.

Monthly Recurring Options

Prices below include our Progressive Commitment Discount for Year Round Members (Up to 40% Off)

Monthly Options Payment*
3 Month Membership
Recurring Monthly
Start Now
6 Month Membership
Recurring Monthly
Start Now
12 Month Membership
Recurring Monthly
Start Now

*Does not include Tax and Sign Up Fee.

Also see our new Recurring Loyal Member Discount for an additional 2% Off up to 10% Off your Monthly Recurring Payment Option chosen above. Earn this Discount for an even lower monthly payment. To apply this additional Discount, all Members must fill out our Recurring Loyal Member Discount Request Form.

Annual Bulk Pre-Paid Options

Prices below include our Pre-Paid Bulk Payment Discount (From 17% Off up to 33% Off 12 Month Recurring Membership Above).

Annual OptionsPayment*
1 Year Membership (Save $240 Annually)
(Quick Breakdown Reference: $100/mo)
Start Now
1 Year Membership Sale Day (Save $490)
(Quick Breakdown Reference: $79/mo)
Available on 10/1/2019
ONE TIME ONLY: 8 Month Membership Thru 9/31 Sale Day
(Quick Breakdown Reference: $68.75/mo)
Available on 2/1/2019

*Does not include Tax and Sign Up Fee.

Switching to a Bulk Payment? Keep track of what is owed back to your and use our Membership Overpayment Refund Form to recover any additional funds paid to The Factory when switching over.

Discount Guest Passes

Included with Memberships!
Your number of passes is based on your membership commitment to The Factory. See our Family & Friends Program on our Discounts Page for more details.

Free Month of Riding
Refer-a-Friend Program

For Both You AND Your Friend!
Talk a friend into signing up for their first ever annual membership at The Factory, and both of you will receive one full month credit of additional riding! See our Family & Friends Program on our Discounts Page for more details.

What Happens
After Your Sign Up…

We will be in touch with you!
Hang tight as we get everything rolling for you. If you are also trying to ride right now today, please also send us a message on our Contact Page.

What if I am an
Existing Member?

New Memberships Due 2/1
Old memberships are managed via your existing PayPal account, you will need to cancel and transition into our new payment system via our website. We will pro-rate/refund any extra payments. You will not have a Sign Up Fee if you are continuing your membership. Request your Free Sign Up Free Code.

– or –

2 Hour Discount Sessions $30

Every Saturday 1-3pm
Every Tuesday 7-9pm

Just Show Up!
Paid via Card or Cash On-Site via Staffed Factory Member.
No Membership Commitment.
A perfect way to test our facility out, and get more familiar with how our facility works. We only have Two “2 Hour Staffed Open Sessions” each week, these are the only hours that are open to the public where you can just show up to ride at The Factory.

Single Day Sessions $50

Daily when Scheduled Online
Daily when with a Member

Our same Daily Rate as 2011, but 5 Times Larger!
You must Schedule Facility Access in Advance.
Paid via Card at our On-Site Kiosk
No Membership Commitment.
A great way to ride our facility in a much more relaxed environment outside of our busy discount sessions. Extremely flexible hours. Leave for lunch. Leave for dinner. Ride all day. You can also Contact a Member you know & Schedule a Session with them.

– Also See –

Group Rates, Birthday Parties, Corporate Team Bonding Activity Packages $150-$350

Pre-Paid via Card Online
Book a time for your group to come.Members may be riding, however we’d love for you and your group to join the sessions as well. We can strategically schedule your group based on slower times at The Factory if preferred..
More Information

Private Lessons $65/Hour

Pre-Paid via Card Online
Book a Lesson with one of our local Pros. $30 Discount for Members.
Package of 4 Lessons is also available for $200.
More Information

Bike Rentals $20

Paid via Card at our On-Site Kiosk
Riders are always most comfortable on their own bikes, however we do have a few different bike options available for rent as well:
20″ BMX Bikes
16″ Youth Bikes
*Also Includes Free Helmet Rental

Helmet Rentals $5

Paid via Card at our On-Site Kiosk
Our facility requires helmets at all times, we do have some on hand if you need to rent one.

All prices are subject to change at any time.

Not sure what to choose?