Family & Friends Discount Program

First of All, Thank YOU.

Your continued support over the years is appreciated more than you’ll ever realize.
Because of the lack of indoor skateparks in Minnesota, The Factory “Hobby Facility” was created nearly 10 years ago by our local community of members. Today, The Factory is still a private member based facility, and we are very excited to Introduce our 2019 Factory Family & Friends Discount Program…

What’s New for 2019?

Refer-a-Friend Annual Membership Program

Free Month of Riding for You…
AND a Free Month of Riding for Your Friend…

Talk a friend into signing up for their first ever annual membership at The Factory, and both of you will receive one full month credit of additional riding after their 12 months are fully paid for (after the 12th recurring month is paid, or immediately upon bulk pre-paid annual payment). You must have your own active membership to qualify, and your new friend referred can not have had any active membership within the past year. The amount that you will each receive will match each of your current membership plans available via credit on our website. To qualify for this program, tell any friends upon checkout to enter your first and last name into the “Refer-a-Friend Member Name” field, on the same day that they sign up you will also need to fill out our Refer-a-Friend Done! Sign Up Form.

Free Guest Passes and Discount Guest Passes for Friends

All Factory Members will receive a limited number of completely Free Guest Passes, as well as Discount Guest Passes ($20 Off $50 Day Rate) for friends who may want to join you every so often. Your number of passes is based on your membership commitment to The Factory.

MembershipFree Passes*Discount Passes*
3 Months13
6 Months26
12 Months/Annual424
8 Month One Time Sale Feb 1st316

*Guest passes are valid throughout your membership term.

Non-Membership Discounts Available

Per Rider. Per Session. No Membership Commitment.
Factory Memberships are always the best way to lower your cost of riding for your entire family, however we do have some non-membership discounts available & perfect for those who are interested in testing out our facility before getting a membership…

2 Hour Discount Sessions

Save $20 Off $50

Save $20 off our Single Day Session price when you join us during one of our 2 Hour Staffed Discount Open Sessions.  It’s the perfect way to test the facility.
*See a Staff Member to Pay on Site & Apply your Discount.

Group Rates & Parties

Each Rider can Save $20 Off $50 when Scheduling a Group in Advance

Our new group rates at The Factory are perfect for those who may not be in the position for a membership. All group rate sessions must be Scheduled in Advance so that our members know your group will also be sharing the facility with us.

24/7 Membership Discounts Available

All Memberships Include your Entire Family.
Our memberships include your entire immediate family. Ride with your Brother, Sister, even your Parents! You will also receive a limited number of Free Passes and Discount Passes for friends, see more information below…

Progressive Discounts for Year Round Members

Save Up to 40% Off!

Summer is what shuts down all indoor parks, and those who continue to stick with us and support us throughout our difficult times will have a lower monthly rate based on how much you are will to invest in our facility.

See below how our price drops the longer you commit to supporting our facility…

3 MonthsN/A
6 Months20% Off Monthly
12 Months40% Off Monthly

Simply start your membership via our Prices page to apply this discount.

Recurring Loyal Member Discounts

Save Up to an Additional 10% Off!

For every 12 consecutive months that you contribute to our facility, The Factory would like to give back to you and offer you an additional discount towards your recurring membership, up to 10% total.
Existing Members: If you continue your membership, your “consecutive month number” will begin with your total number of non-consecutive months contributed to The Factory. This will apply One Time Only & due by February 1st. If you cancel your membership moving forward, it will restart. If you decide to do any bulk pre-paid memberships, it will be applied to your total consecutive months.

Total Consecutive Months Paid to The FactoryRecurring Monthly Discount Earned*
12 Total Months2% Off Monthly
24 Total Months5% Off Monthly
36 Total Months10% Off Monthly

To apply this Discount, all Members must fill out our Recurring Loyal Member Discount Request Form.
*This does not apply to bulk pre-paid annual memberships which are offered at an even larger discount below…

Bulk Pre-Paid Annual Membership Discount

Save $240 Annually

Originally when The Factory opened, members would pay in bulk up front. Since then we have set up software to allow monthly payments, however we still offer our original rate since Day 1 if paid up front. 17% Off normal $120/monthly rate.

October 1st Annual Membership Discount Sale Day

Save $490 Annually

Brand New in 2019, our Annual Sale Day every year before the season starts on October 1st. 33% Off normal $120/monthly rate.

Additional Benefits for All Members

When it comes to the additional services our facility offers, we do have some additional discounts available to you… You will receive these discounts after logging into your new Factory Membership account.

Lesson Discount

Save $30/Hour
All Factory Members receive a $30 Discount on all Lessons at The Factory.

Group/Party Discount

Save 20% Off
All Factory Members receive a 20% Discount on all Group Sessions & Parties Hosted at The Factory.

Merchandise Discount

Save 30% Off
All Factory Members receive a 30% Discount on all Factory Apparel, Gear, & Merchandise, all Ride Brand Products, and more.

Specialty Discounts for Annual Memberships

The Factory recognizes your hard work and greatly appreciates your commitment to the future of our sport and our local community. The Factory may help contribute to your portion of a membership with a qualified discount in exchange for an agreed upon return of value to our facility. All Specialty Discounts must be applied for, and are solely up to The Factory’s discretion.

Long Distance Discount

Live out of town more than 60 miles from The Factory? We would love to help support your riding and chip in for fuel by offering you our Long Distance Discount on all Annual Memberships. All riders must provide proof of current address via valid drivers license. We are also offering a Long Distance Discount on our 8 Month Pre-Paid Membership Sale Day on February 1st. Please reach out for details.

Industry Discount

Work at a Bike or Skate Shop? Work at a Distribution Company? We would love to offer you our Industry Discount on all Annual Memberships. Industry members must provide proof of employment via recent check stub or valid company email address. We are also offering an Industry Discount on our 8 Month Pre-Paid Membership Sale Day on February 1st. Please reach out for details. Valid Industry Businesses are solely up to The Factory’s discretion.

Military Discount

Thank You. The Factory recognizes, respects, and greatly appreciates what you have done for our country. Military members must provide proof of military service, active or retired.We are also offering a Military Discount on our 8 Month Pre-Paid Membership Sale Day on February 1st. Please reach out for details. Please reach out for details.

Professional Athlete & Major Influencer Discount

Professional Athletes and Major Influencers must be actively competing & participating in professional environments recognized worldwide and/or must have significant followings and long term highly respected deep roots within our community. We are also offering a Professional Athlete & Major Influencer Discount on our 8 Month Pre-Paid Membership Sale Day on February 1st. Please reach out for details. Extremely limited positions available, and solely up to The Factory’s discretion. Please reach out for details.