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Available Riding Choices*Monthly BreakdownWeekly BreakdownDaily BreakdownAnnual Savings
Daily SessionN/AN/A$50.00N/A
2 Hour Discount SessionN/AN/A$30.00N/A
3 Hour Group Rate SessionN/AN/A$30.00N/A
3 Month Membership$200.00$50.00$7.14N/A
6 Month Membership$160.00$40.00$5.71N/A
12 Month Membership$120.00$30.00$4.29N/A
12 Month Membership
with 2% Off Recurring Loyal Member Discount
$117.60$29.40$4.20Save $29
12 Month Membership
with 5% Off Recurring Loyal Member Discount
$114.00$28.50$4.07Save $72
12 Month Membership
with 10% Off Recurring Loyal Member Discount
$108.00$27.00$3.86Save $144
1 Year Pre-Paid Bulk Membership$100.00$25.00$3.57Save $240
1 Year Pre-Paid Bulk Membership Sale Day
Annually on October 1st
$79.17$19.79$2.83Save $490
8 Month Pre-Paid Bulk Membership Thru 9/31 Sale Day
ONE TIME ONLY: February 1st, 2019
$2.46Save $410

*Breakdown References above do not include Tax or Sign Up Fees.

Learning About Indoor Skateparks

Based on the History of Indoor Skateparks, there will unfortunately be a day when The Factory closes… And it is not until that day when this facility is gone that most people will realize, appreciate, and respect what we did have here locally right in Minneapolis to ride indoors. For those who are new to action sports, let’s glance into another perspective so we all have a better idea of our indoor park situation…

Indoor Parks in Minneapolis/St Paul Over The Years

Keep in mind, we have some of longest & coldest winters in the entire country…

Indoor SkateparkLimited Session Cost24/7 Access
3rd Lair Skatepark
*Please be aware that 3rd Lair is one of the Top 5 Longest Running Indoor Parks Ever Worldwide
$15.00Not Allowed
Summit SkateparkClosedNot Allowed
Showcase SkateparkClosedNot Allowed
Ollie & Co SkateparkClosedNot Allowed
JSAW SkateparkClosedNot Allowed
RIDE Plymouth SkateparkClosedNot Allowed
3rd Lair Burnsville SkateparkClosedNot Allowed
G-Shock SkateparkClosedNot Allowed
Green Acres SkateparkClosedNot Allowed
4 Down SkateparkClosedNot Allowed

What is Killing Indoor Skateparks?

Summers and nice weather. Very few riders support their local park after the snow melts, everyone wants to ride outside. Riders not wanting to pay to ride or support a local facility. Riders sneaking other riders in without paying. Not cleaning up after yourself & others. Leaving a facility dirty. Spray painting ramps. Not respecting the building & property neighbors.

Many different reasons go into why all skateparks are not sustainable. This is why we all had to come together as a community to create our own facility.

Welcome to The Factory

Great Things Take Great Time…
Take a look at what our local community has accomplished over the last 10 years…


$100/Month or $50/Day


$100/Month or $50/Day


$100/Month or $50/Day


$100/Month or $50/Day


$100/Month or $50/Day


$100/Month or $50/Day

Comparing The Factory to Ski Hills

This Sounds Interesting…
How does The Factory compare to all of Minnesota’s Local Ski Hills? How many months use do you get for your membership? How many hours of use each session?

Ski HillDay RateAnnual MembershipFamily Membership24/7 Access
Afton Alps$55.00N/AN/ANot Allowed
Buck Hill$34.00$450.00$1,350.00Not Allowed
Giants Ridge Resort$49.00$310.00$1,035.00Not Allowed
Hyland Ski & Snowboard Area$35.00$449.00$1,149.00Not Allowed
Powder Ridge Ski Area$36.00$550.00N/ANot Allowed
Spirit Mountain$59.00$459.00$999.00Not Allowed
Welch Village$54.00$419.00$1,199.00Not Allowed
Wild Mountain Ski & Snowboard Area$55.00$430.00$1,100.00Not Allowed