TCFF 1st Place on the Podium !! TCFF Co-Founder Dustin Grice Wins Lake Havasu Pro Dirt Challenge in Arizona

TCFF Co-Founder Dustin Grice and our show announcer Jeff “JMC” Mclearen headed out to a large pro dirt contest in Arizona this past weekend to compete with some of their friends Aj Anaya, Big Daddy, Victor Salazar, Colton Satterfield, Josh Hult, Ben Voyles, and many others. The contest was a fundraiser for a local rider who was killed in the military, and the city is building a memorial skatepark in honor of him. We love seeing parks go up in other cities, keeps our sport growing !

After a battle through the windy qualifiers, Dustin managed to make it into the finals by one spot.. 10th place. But that didn’t slow him down at all… Taking the first run in the finals, Dustin threw down a solid run with his signature “***** dropper” trick, a 360 topside no footed cancan to late downside/opposite tailwhip. After a solid first run, he threw down another run of bangers which can been seen in the video above.

The contest was based on the average of the two best runs out of three for each rider. Dustin changed it up in his last run and tailwhip the roll in (photo below, and the only on to even trick the roll in), 360 the first set, 360 invert the second set, 270 cancan tire grab into the hip, and 360 opposite whip on the last set.

The competition wasn’t easy though, especially with Voyles throwing down backflip barspin to tuck no handers on the first set, flip whips on the last set, and Josh Hult with opposite double tailwhips and 360 double downside tailwhips..

However 3 solid runs and a handful of bangers brought Dustin and TCFF the 1st place spot on the podium.

This isn’t Dustin’s first win this year either, check out his bio below from the event handouts…

Check out some of the media coverage below: