Minnesota Mayhem BMX Jam & Team Contest – Sunday December 20th

The funnest new contest in Minnesota! This contest is open to anyone that rides bmx and will be held with a team format where kids to pros in teams of 4-5 riders will be scored based on their riding as a group.
There will be 3 areas of the park being judged and the highest team average score wins. The 3 areas will be the small section, the mini spine, and the box jump/quarters to bank. Each team will be given a 5 minute jam in each section, when all teams have rode each section we will add up scores and have a winning team!
Registration will be open from 10am to noon Sunday Dec. 20th entry is $20 per rider. Teams will be selected by appointed captains, captains will be selected the day of by the judging panel. Team sizes and number of teams will be decided after registration closes. The contest will kick off at 1pm.
Top team will win a cash prize(which will be based on total number of riders to enter) all other teams will win prize packages that will include product from the contest sponsors which include, The Factory, Shadow/Subrosa, QBMX, Ride MN, Deco, To Die For Clothing, No Wear, 3rd Lair, Lil Pros Tour, Stay Strong, Link Foundation, and InterBMX
Huge thanks to all the sponsors for helping out as well as Dustin and Evan for all they have put into the Factory and helping to put this contest on! Should be a fun day for everyone, tell your friends and send it!!! -Kenny Short