Lumberjack Days Mega Jump BMX Stunt Shows – Stillwater, MN

Special thanks to EVERYONE who came out to Stillwater for Lumberjack Days this year. Hands down, biggest shows of the year. HUGEEEEE TRAINS… Whip, double whip, triple whip. Whip, 3 whip, double whip, 3 double whip. Suicide, tuck, 3 tuck, flip tuck, frontie tuck. Superman contests, flip superman, etc. Truck whip, 3 windshield wiper, 3 double down whip. Things got soooooo wild !! Great riding by everyone, especially the young guns !!! Thanks again everyone, 100% of these shows go right back into paying rent & insurance at the Twin Cities Fantasy Factory, let’s keep them doors open as long as possible