Total BMX Signs Colton Walker! Our Longest Keyholder Ever at The Factory 24 Hour BMX Training Facility – The Future of BMX

Talk about a dream come true! Colton Walker has just signed for 2016 with Total BMX Bike Co, one of the biggest and most cutting edge BMX companies in the world.

Colton was the super young little kid that everyone watched grow up riding in the Minnesota BMX Scene, and when we decided that we needed our own indoor bike-only riding facility, 12 year old Colton and his father Chad were one of the first to wait in line for their 24/7 access keyholder membership.

Since day one, Colton started jumping into our brand new foam pit and padded resi ramp learning many tricks with the local pros… Just like many of you new youngsters that have been coming out to The Factory these past few years! We built nearly every possible type of ramp and training piece we could think of, box to foam, quarter pipes both directions to foam, box to resi, even quarter to resi both directions as well. Perfect for learning virtually any possible, or even impossible box jump or quarter pipe trick you could ever imagine…

Not only did Colton start learning many of the worlds biggest tricks, he also invented many “world-first” tricks that no one else has ever done… Two of which include the Twix to Barspin, and also the Twix to Tailwhip. 5 solid years of daily training with his 24/7 keyholder membership has certainly paid itself off!

The level of skill and talent that Colton has is seriously pushing BMX further than it ever has, which fits in perfectly with a spot for a new rider on the Total BMX team. From all of us here home at The Factory, huge congrats Colton Walker we look forward to watching you continue to change The Future of BMX!

Our Longest Keyholder at The Factory 24 Hour BMX Training Facility - The Future of BMX