The Factory 5c 24 Hour Bike and Skatepark - Minneapolis Minnesota


Foam pit, soft padded resi landings, everything you need to learn any trick you’d like. All of our ramps are designed and based off of the exact same transitions from the famous Woodward and Lake Owen Action Sports Camps, as well as Ryan Nyquist’s Private BMX Warehouse “The Unit” and the AST Dew Tour ramps. BMX legend Dennis McCoy helped us with these transitions, as well as skate park owner Chad Degroot. Our variety of ramps include:

  • 5 1/2′ tall Box to Foam pit (12′ wide)
  • 5 1/2′ tall Box to 6 1/2′ tall Resi landing (10′ wide) with wall ride
  • 6′ tall Spine with 6″ deck to Resi landing (10′ wide)
  • 10′ tall Quarter (10′ wide) to 12′ wide Foam pit
  • 7′ tall Quarter (10′ wide) to 12′ wide Foam pit
  • 7′ tall Quarter to 10′ wide Resi landing (10′ wide) both directions
  • 7′ tall Roll-in bank
  • 3′ tall (8′ wide) Sub Box for 7′ Quarter or 5 1/2′ Box (can also be used as a vert wall extension for 7′ quarter, bottom of sub matches 7′ transition, or use this box on the ground as an additional manual/grind box similar to a picnic table)
  • 12′ long elevating gind/manual legde (1′ wide) 1′ high to 1.5′ high
Screenshot 2014-06-02 15.57.31

A resi landing is a soft and slippery padded landing that bike tires stick to… If you do fall, you simply slide down a big cushioned slide

Many of our materials come directly from Lake Owen Camp. Our resi landing simply sits on top of normal non-resi ramps, which can be removed for more of a normal indoor skate park feel. Our foam pit is the exact same professional foam pit that all of the action sports camps & gymnastic facilities have (for those of you locals who think a foam pit is like Showcase’s trampoline pit, now Summit’s trampoline pit, which not only has tiny 4″ foam blocks it also has very few foam blocks sitting on a trampoline that can dangerously bottom out on cement). Our pit is filled with 6′ of the thick standard 6″ foam blocks. Safe for learning nearly any trick you can imagine.

We have very high ceilings, almost impossible to hit even after blasting 8′ out of our 10′ quarter. Our facility also includes:

  • Refrigerator with free unlimited bottles of cold water
  • AM/FM Stereo with CD & iPod input
  • Bike racks
  • Tools, tubes & bike pumps
  • Wheel truing stand
  • Spare bike parts, helmets & pads
  • High Speed Fans on top of decks
  • Chairs
  • Bathrooms
  • Showers
  • Lockers
  • Free Wireless Internet
  • Microwave
  • TV & DVD Player with a library of BMX Videos and Props Video Magazine DVD’s

Our facility is located in Minneapolis off Central Ave NE, about 3 miles north of downtown.

Our facility is heated and open year round 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Interested? Contact us for directions and come ride with us.

Parents- No more being bored while you wait for your kid at the skate park! Just kidding !! However we do also have a free WiFi zone available for you to use any time.

Can I ride the Mega Jump ??

We also have an outdoor ramp called the Mega Jump that we feature in our stunt shows. This is the largest portable box jump in the 5 state area, and we often ride it right outside of our facility. It is a 6′ tall launch with a 7′ tall Resi landing (10′ wide) about 12′ long.


Can you build a ramp for me ??

Like our ramps? Want your own? We also build custom ramps! Contact us for a quote. Here is a custom box jump we built out near Lake Minnetonka.

You’ll learn a ton of tricks by having your own ramp to ride whenever you want, just like Tristan…