Open 24 Hours

That’s right. Since Day One at The Factory you have been able to purchase your own key. It is the only place in the world like it, imagine having your own indoor skatepark…

VERY Family Friendly

You won’t find the typical negative “skatepark vibe” here at The Factory, our owners and keyholders are known to be some of the friendliest, and most welcoming and inviting people in the sport.

World Class Riding Facility

From riders who have never ridden a ramp, to some of the world’s top riders, The Factory is the perfect place for any rider. We have jumps into a big foam pit, soft padded “resi” landing ramps, and even ramps for KIDS!

Quick Hours & Rates

Keyholder Membership

Only $25/Week!
That’s right, cheaper than eating! And yes, we actually give you your own key. You can Ride 24/7 with your entire family. This also includes free Group Lessons. If you bring a friend you must collect their payment for The Factory.
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Open Sessions

Saturdays 2-5pm: $20
Tuesdays 6-9pm: $10

Not ready for your own key? Join us at an Open Session!
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BMX Lessons

Saturdays 1-2pm: $30
Join us for Group Lessons every Saturday from 1-2pm & learn how to ride! We even have bikes, helmets, and pads available.
(Private Lessons: $50/hour)
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Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties: $20/Kid (5 Kid Minimum)
Trying to think of the BEST birthday party ever? With BMX lessons & a private BMX SHOW, the kids will never forget their day at The Factory! We even have bikes, helmets, and pads available.
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Latest News


Fresh MegaJump for 2015!

With our next show season right around the corner, it only made sense that we re-sheet our popular mega jump! This 6′ box is known as one of the funnest show ramps in the industry, now with a brand new lip & paint thanks to Evan Moyle, Dustin Grice, Alex Hiltunen, and Jacob Walker.

Watch 8 Year Old Reed Land His First Backflip!

For Reed Bleymeyer’s 8th birthday, he had the option of choosing one birthday present… Either an Amazon Kindle Fire, OR a keyholder membership at The Factory. What do you think he decided? Reed decided to become the youngest keyholder ever at The Factory at the time. 9 months later of riding with some of the best riders in the world, Reed landed his first backflip on our outdoor ramp outside The Factory. Reed now has almost HALF A MILLION views on YouTube and is one of the youngest kids in the entire world to backflip on his bike.

Our MegaJump Stunt Show

After performing for the Minnesota State Fair, Delta Airlines, Valleyfair, and the Minnesota Lynx, there is a good chance you may have heard of or seen our traveling stunt show before. The Mega Jump Action Sports Experience is a jaw-dropping action sports stunt show designed to leave you speechless. Not only that, we feature KIDS performing in our shows, yes they are the rockstars & get all the phone numbers! We have the largest jump in the industry giving our riders the airtime they need to attempt the most dangerous tricks at perilous heights that you won’t see anywhere else. To make things even more exciting we’ve been known to give away freebies, even brand new bikes! At the end of the show, our personable professional athletes make every effort to get to know you and your friends and family. So prepare to be amazed, say hello, and maybe you’ll ride away on a free bike.

Ever Seen The Lil Pros BMX Tour?

The Lil Pros BMX Tour features the youngest talent in BMX and now has over 2,000,000 views on YouTube. The crazy part is that it all started with two riders right here from The Factory! Check out