NOTICE: All Factory Pricing will be Changing in 2019

As a little hobby facility that started with only a few ramps, we have come so far and have so much in the works right now it is an absolute dream come true. We also want to make everyone aware that along with our Brand New “Factory 8.0” Build for 2019 ridable now, our pricing will be restructured as well and increasing starting January 2019. This has been an extremely difficult one. We pushed so hard for 8 years to never increase prices, however it’s just not sustainable and unhealthy for The Factory when all costs keep rising as we try to maintain a park 5 times larger than it was day one. Open sessions, lessons, groups, memberships, everything will be increasing logically based on the inflation that has been ignored over the years. Summer is what shuts down all indoor parks, and those who continue to stick with us and support us throughout our difficult times will have a lower monthly rate. 2019 Pricing will be posted soon. To all the riders & families that support us, our partners, our show riders and the dozens of fairs festivals & schools we work hard for in our extremely slow 6 month “outdoor riding weather” season, we can not thank you enough as we ride together here today. Not only do we want to create a healthy & sustainable facility as long as possible, we want to continue advancing all areas of our facility and offerings to our community. We hope you can see the progress and differences in our lives that The Factory has blessed us with over the past 8 years. You are all amazing. Thank you all. Let’s RIDE!

Welcome to our own indoor “hobby” facility…

Completely started, built, funded, and maintained by local riders, just like you.

“In January of 2011, only a few of us walked alone into a very small and completely empty warehouse space in Northeast Minneapolis with one idea in mind, to simply ride our bikes together in our own hobby facility at the convenience of our own time, family, and work schedules. Over the years this turned into a movement that has become absolutely infectious… Families, kids, and riders of all ages. We ride. We learn. We build. We fall. We encourage. We motivate. We get back up. We focus. We try again. We work together. We perform. We innovate. We’re not scared to try something new & we never give up. We’ve created lifelong friendships, and lifelong memories. The goals, the achievements, the experiences, and the opportunities that have evolved around The Factory and our traveling Mega Jump stunt shows have changed our lives and will live with us forever. It’s just amazing to think about what we have all created together because of action sports. Words will never describe how grateful we are for your continued support. To every member and every rider & parent who has ever join us for a session, and every event who has supported us over the years, Thank You. The Factory truly is an unexpected Dream Come True.” -Dustin Grice, Co-Founder

Open 24 Hours

That’s right

Since Day One at The Factory you have been able to purchase your own key. It is the only place in the world like it, imagine having your own indoor skatepark…

VERY Family Friendly

The Best Part

You won’t find the typical negative “skatepark vibe” here at The Factory, our owners and keyholders are known to be some of the friendliest, and most welcoming and inviting people in the sport.
Our Professions & Services

World Class Facility

Indoor & Outdoor Ramps

From riders who have never ridden a ramp, to some of the world’s top riders, The Factory is the perfect place for any rider. We have jumps into a big foam pit, soft padded “resi” landing ramps, and even ramps for KIDS!

We Ride Everything at The Factory…

BMX, Scooters, Mountain Bikes, Skateboards, Moto… Just Ride.

Want to ride? Don’t just show up unexpected, unless you Purchase your own 24/7 Family Key!

Here are your options to ride without a key:

-MOST POPULAR! Come to our Tuesday “Social” Night Weekly from 7-9pm
-Schedule a Private Lesson
-Schedule a Birthday Party
-Schedule a Group Session

Our facility is one of the very few indoor parks around Minnesota that has been able to keep it doors open for more than 5 years now. The majority of indoor parks shut down after 2 years, however we strategically run our facility a bit different to keep it as sustainable and open as long as possible. Unless you have your own key holder membership (only $25/week to ride 24/7 for your entire family) you must let us know when you would like to ride. You can also come to one of our weekly open sessions just to check the place out, meet some of the families & keyholders, and even ride if you’d like.

Thank you for your support in our own facility.

Quick Hours & Rates

Keyholder Membership

Only $25/Week!
That’s right, cheaper than eating! And yes, we actually give you your own key. You can Ride 24/7 with your entire family. This also includes free open sessions. If you bring a friend you must collect their payment for The Factory and PayPal The Factory before you ride.
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Open Sessions

Saturdays KIDS HOUR 12-1pm: $20 (Includes 1-3pm Open Session afterwards)
Saturdays 1-3pm: $20
Tuesdays 7-9pm: $20 (Half price $10 sessions only during summer)

Not ready for your own key? Join us at an Open Session!
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Group Sessions & Birthday Parties

Group Sessions: $20/Rider (5 Rider Minimum)
Birthday Parties: $20/Rider (5 Rider Minimum)
Trying to think of the BEST birthday party ever? With BMX lessons & a private BMX SHOW, the kids will never forget their day at The Factory! We even have bikes, helmets, and pads available.
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Kids Sessions, Beginners, One-on-One BMX Lessons

Saturdays KIDS HOUR 12-1pm: $20 (No Age Limit, All Ages/Beginners)
Join us for our Kids Session! & learn how to ride with other kids! We even have bikes, helmets, and pads available. Our 1-3pm open session afterwards is also included in this price.
(One-on-One 1-on-1 Lessons: $50/hour)
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Latest News

Watch 8 Year Old Reed Land His First Backflip!

For Reed Bleymeyer’s 8th birthday, he had the option of choosing one birthday present… Either an Amazon Kindle Fire, OR a keyholder membership at The Factory. What do you think he decided? Reed decided to become the youngest keyholder ever at The Factory at the time. 9 months later of riding with some of the best riders in the world, Reed landed his first backflip on our outdoor ramp outside The Factory. Reed now has almost HALF A MILLION views on YouTube and is one of the youngest kids in the entire world to backflip on his bike.

Our MegaJump Stunt Show

After performing for the Minnesota Vikings at US Bank Stadium, Minnesota State Fair, Delta Airlines, Valleyfair, Minnesota Lynx, and even Explore Minnesota Tourism’s Superbowl Commercial, there is a good chance you may have heard of or seen our traveling stunt show before. The Mega Jump Action Sports Experience is a jaw-dropping action sports stunt show designed to leave you speechless. Not only that, we feature KIDS performing in our shows, yes they are the rockstars & get all the phone numbers! We have the largest jump in the industry giving our riders the airtime they need to attempt the most dangerous tricks at perilous heights that you won’t see anywhere else. To make things even more exciting we’ve been known to give away freebies, even brand new bikes! At the end of the show, our personable professional athletes make every effort to get to know you and your friends and family. So prepare to be amazed, say hello, and maybe you’ll ride away on a free bike.

Ever Seen The Lil Pros Tour?

The Lil Pros Tour features the youngest talent in action sports and now has over 10,000,000 views on YouTube. The crazy part is that it all started with two riders right here from The Factory in Minneapolis! Check out