Factory Key Holder Colton Walker Qualifies 2nd at Toronto Jam 2015!

Screenshot 2015-03-08 13.36.37

Little Colton is making us proud here at The Factory! 17 year old Colton Walker, riding for Haro Bikes, Deft Family, Monster Energy & ODI Grips, just showed up teasing all the big dogs last night in Toronto, qualifying in SECOND PLACE! We know he will kill it again today in the finals good luck Colton! Come ride with Colton some time at The Factory, Colton was the little 8 year old growing up riding in our scene just like Reed, Dallas, and all the other little shredders in town, and has been training at The Factory since nearly day one and learning hundreds of different tricks on our resi & foam pit over the years, feel free to join the fun at The Factory & make some new friends!

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