INTRODUCING THE FACTORY 3.0 – Official Trailer – Minneapolis’ 24 Hour Bike Ramp Facility

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED playing with LOUD SUBS/high quality sound system & dark room for full experience. Story and Editing by Dustin Grice. Primary Filming by Dustin Grice. Secondary Filming and Special Fire Effects by AJ Haines. Music by Boris Mihajlovic. Riding by Colton Walker, Kenneth Tencio, Kuba Cerski, Dustin Grice, AJ Haines, Chase Bilich, Dallas Light. Quotes gathered from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Email, SMS, etc since The Factory opened in 2011.

New iPhones, GTA5, new bike park?? You can’t handle all this. MN, this is for you this winter. I hope you’re ready… INTRODUCING THE FACTORY 3.0 – Transfers, Hips, Lines, MASSIVE 16’+ Walls, Subs, Side walls, Long&low, Step up/Step down, Box, Quarters, Banks, 6′ Spine. FASSTTT. No Resi. No Foam. (jk foam/resi all still easily avail if u really want to ride it/quick 15min setup time) And the best part.. 100% FUNDED BY RIDERS.

We have 8 months of winter.. You are ALL welcome here. Heated. $100/month for your own key 24/7 access, freedom to session as long as you’d like, whenever you’d like. Same price as Greenville’s ANIMAL HOUSE (& they don’t even get their own keys). Coming from out of town? Hit us up ANY TIME, we have places to stay. Cheap trip. Fly into MSP. Ride 24/7. Two miles from downtown Minneapolis. All the bars & strip clubs you can handle. Kuba Cerski from Poland was just here & Kenneth Tencio from Costa Rica is now here for a month.

We are CRANKIN out the next generations of talent, watch out for our 16 year old HARO BIKES rider Colton Walker and even the real young gun lil 11 year old Dallas Light.

This layout has been 3 YEARS in the making.. HUGE SHOUT OUT to Jason Tufty for hamming out ALL of this with me non-stop, as always Evan Moyle especially for letting me run with this one and ALL the helping hands, RIDERS, PARENTS, & SHOWS/EVENTS, everyone supporting now one of the raddest indoor parks in the country (yes i just went there) hahh #boombaby #THANKSTOYOU

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