Cuyuna Lakes MTB Festival Mega Jump Stunt Show Crobsy MN Twin Cities Fantasy Factory

Come ride with us

Special thanks to everyone at our warehouse #tcff, our partners, and your support, we have now built from scratch one of the best #actionsports #shows/affordable event entertainment packages available in the country.. Free BMX bike giveaways from #fictionbmx, 40′ high jumps for the public onto a #usairbag, free ice cold 20oz bottles of #vitaminwater, free shirts & product from #todieforclothing #linkfoundation & #stolenbikeco, autographs photos videos dj mc etc not to mention riders blasting 360backflips flipwhips frontflips 720s 3doublewhips it never ends… Safe & insured for any event, very family friendly, rockstars as young as 10 years old. We book these events to pay for our warehouse rent utilities & insurance to have an indoor place available for riders & kids year round open 24/7 especially during brutal #minneapolis #winters. Welcome to our Mega Jump Stunt Show.