Cuyuna Lakes MTB Festival Video Mega Jump Stunt Show Crobsy MN

New edit… Special thanks to everyone at our 24hr ramp warehouse Twin Cities Fantasy Factory, our partners, and your support, we have now built from scratch one of the best traveling action sports shows/affordable event entertainment packages available in the country.. Free complete bike giveaways from Fiction BMX, 40′ free-fall jumps for the public onto a USAirbag, free ice cold 20oz bottles of vitaminwater, free shirts & product from To Die For Clothing Stay Strong Link & Stolen Bike Co. autographs photos videos dj mc Sound In Motion 3rd Lair SkatePark & SkateShop etc not to mention riders blasting 360backflips flipwhips frontflips 720s 3doublewhips it never ends… Safe & insured for any event, very family friendly, rockstars as young as 10 years old. We book these events to help pay for our facility rent utilities & insurance to have an indoor place available for riders & kids year round open 24/7 especially during brutal Minneapolis winters. Welcome to our Mega Jump Stunt Show. We’re having a blast. Come join. THANK YOU ALL