The Factory Family Membership

Imagine a friendly indoor place to get away at any hour of the day… Any day of the week. Our facility is available to you and your family 24/7 for only $25/week. It has been known to change many lives around the Twin Cities, and especially change your view on Minnesota’s long & cold winters. The is no other place in the world like this. Join the fun & ride with us any time.

Why become a part of The Factory Family?
-You and your family get your own indoor skatepark KEY!
-Your family can use our indoor riding facility 24 hours/day, 7 days/week (just like a 24 hour fitness facility)
-FREE Open Sessions (No need to ever pay $20 or $10 while we are offering open sessions and/or beginner/kids sessions, you can ride 24/7 & join us any time)
-HALF PRICE Private 1-on-1 Lessons (You’ll get 50% off all any private lessons that you’d like with your own private instructor)
-You will be featured with your photo in our Current Membership Streak area listed right below, complete with your social network page links and how long your current membership has been active for
-You will also receive your “Historic Member ID Number” also listed below
-If there is a profession you or your parents have and you are looking for more business, we will include you in our Factory Family Professions & Services page to help you get more leads.

Start your Family Membership via Easy Pay & get your key today!

Not sure about being a member?
You may want to start by checking out our facility by coming to an Open Session.

History of The Factory Family and All Members who have helped support The Factory

HUGE THANK YOU to ALL MEMBERS over the years, none of this would be possible without YOU! Historic Member ID Numbers are assigned below in the overall order of joining The Factory.

1. Evan Moyle (Co-Founder, First 5 Keyholder, First Year Keyholder)
2. Dustin Grice (Co-Founder, First 5 Keyholder, First Year Keyholder)
3. AJ Haines (First 5 Keyholder, First Year Keyholder)
4. Glenn Dussl (First 5 Keyholder, First Year Keyholder)
5. Kenny Short (First 5 Keyholder, First Year Keyholder)
6. Paul Pankonin (First Year Keyholder)
7. Jill MacPhail (First Year Keyholder)
8. Laura Robertson (First Year Keyholder)
9. Colton Walker (First Year Keyholder)
10. Nick Pirate (First Year Keyholder)
11. Bobby Taillefor (First Year Keyholder)
12. Tristan Sagastume (First Year Keyholder)
13. Matt Almquist (First Year Keyholder)
14. Maximo Salazar (First Year Keyholder)
15. Dallas Light (First Year Keyholder)
16. Chase Bilich (First Year Keyholder)
17. Phil Book (First Year Keyholder)
18. Bubba Tufty (First Year Keyholder)
19. Cody Buchanan (First Year Keyholder)
20. Sage Steen (First Year Keyholder)
21. Aaron Cahoy (First Year Keyholder)
22. Mark Lukens (First Year Keyholder)
23. Matt Ford (First Year Keyholder)
24. Mike Ryan (First Year Keyholder)
25. Stephane Pannier (First Year Keyholder)
26. Nick Lucas (First Year Keyholder)
27. Joel Lange (First Year Keyholder)
28. Tim & Noah Oliver (First Year Keyholder)
29. Abduhl Jakubowski
30. Dan Quaile
31. Simon John
32. Dustin Arendt
33. Luke Laplante
34. Christian Faust
35. Brad Stipek
36. Ian Price
37. Kaleb Smith
38. Tyler Tall
39. Jerome Simpson
40. Jay Schlie
41. Eugene Serrato
42. Alex Hiltunen
43. Jacob Walker
44. Jamin Matzke
45. Jeff Mclearen
46. Tom Haugen
47. Brian Solorzano
48. Jacob Walz
49. Jared Benson
50. Juan Trujillo
51. Todd Loining
52. Reed Bleymeyer
53. Kyle Heaser
54. Nick Gagnon
55. Bob Picht
56. Simeon Paynter
57. Kyle Mullenix
58. Zeke Morton
59. Tommy Glidden
60. Max Lanz
61. Matt Peterson
62. Ryan Cason
63. Wyatt Oliver
64. Chris Reich
65. Jared Thompson
66. Nick Alexander
67. Josh Guyer
68. Cody Smith
69. Issac Zimmer
70. Devon Booker
71. Alex Docken
72. Thomas Haugen
73. Aaron Stirewalt
74. Jack Westby
75. Remi Lipon
76. Eli Elliott
77. Jordan Brennan
78. Paul Rubbert
79. Scott Byzewski
80. Eoin Small
81. Dylan Lossing
82. Charlie Kee
83. Ryan Donnelly
84. Todd Wilson
85. Ryker Harris
86. Shawn Thompson
87. Samuel Wallin

Who is next?

We’d love to see you around. Sign up today via Easy Pay & get your key!

Thank you all!