The Factory is All Packed Up & Ready to MOVE!

Written by Factory Co-Founder Dustin Grice

End of an Era. And Cheers to the Next.

Quite the exhale over the past week… Teardown was non-stop for 2 weeks. Nothing exists on the property except some badass tire marks.

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There are many incredible people who took time out of their lives over the past few weeks after school and after work to make this next big step & massive undertaking actually happen… It all actually started with my dad, Doug Griess, the entire way from start to finish… “Father & Sons” have always played a huge role in our facility over the years, it was incredible to see him by my side every single day of teardown.

Kenny Short joined us every single day fully committed to making this happen. Alex Hiltunen & Kyle Heaser, Carson Rietschel, Jack & Joe Westby, Reed & Dani Bleymeyer, and Tom Haugen contributed many days as well. Matt Peterson, Cody Reinert, Timo Boya from Germany, Butch Lehman, Brianna Hansen, Paul Pankonin, Stephane Pannier, Jay Schlie, The Zimmer Family, Nick Edlefsen, Blake Schwartz, Trevor Crawford, Kayla Szafraniec, Jim Drews, Colton Walker, Robert Jara, Nick Lucas, Akshay Biyani, thank you all so much.

You are the ones who made this happen.

We also want to thank everyone who reached out but could not make it, those who joined us for our very last session together, and especially those who have contributed to our shows, sessions, memberships, and the successful builds that have led us here today, including Jason Tufty, Sean McElroy & Team Chicago.

It has been one amazing, unexpected Ride on this property over the years… Bringing together local riders, youth, and families building our local riding scene and creating opportunities we never imagined… Riders in magazines, appearing on TV, joining the circus, traveling the world, millions of views on YouTube, and even first-hand experiencing the story of an X Games Gold Medalist. 

This is what happens when we all come together to support each other.
Thank You All.

The Factory is now completely loaded into 3 massive semi trailers, waiting for our new home. A new photo gallery has been posted on our website below. We are continuing to explore new locations, and truly see this as a blessing in disguise.

We look forward to keeping you updated.