Member Profile Photo Card Submission Form

Every member needs to submit their own “member profile photo” to The Factory after signup. This will be printed, sealed, and used to “check in” and “check out” every time you are inside the facility. No goofy photos, white/light background is required, shoulders & above, think of it as a drivers license or passport photo. Otherwise we will ask for a new photo. Hats or helmets no problem:) Any white wall behind you at The Factory is perfect. Include all riders in one photo if you are a family, you’ll have one family card to check in with. Every single member will need this moving forward to ride, and the best part is, it will be kept on site at The Factory so you will never need to remember to bring it with you. Simply move it from our “Members Checked Out” Wall to our “Members Checked In” Wall.

    After clicking Submit, please close this window to return back to your last window & continue with your membership.