Emergency Situations

The Factory does it’s best to provide an environment to learn BMX/skate/scooter/etc. tricks and stunts as safely as possible.  However, these activities are inherently dangerous. Please be aware and prepared of how to handle potential emergency situations.  

Be Prepared!

  • It is always recommended that you ride with at least one other person present in case of an emergency
    • If you are riding by yourself, make sure someone will check in with you or you will check in with them at an agreed upon time
  • Make sure your/a phone is easily accessible in case of injury
  • For serious injury call 911 or assign someone to call 911
    • Once the situation is under control, contact Dustin Grice immediately at 952-200-7732
  • Attend to the injured person until emergency services arrive – do NOT leave them unattended
  • Head injuries (source www.mayoclinic.org)
    • Keep the person still until medical help arrives
    • Stop any bleeding with direct pressure unless a skull fracture is suspected
    • Watch for changes in breathing and alertness
  • Broken bone (source www.mayoclinic.org)
    • Stop any bleeding with direct pressure
    • Immobilize the injured area
    • Apply ice packs to limit swelling and help relieve pain if possible
    • Treat for shock by laying down and elevating legs