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Have a question for a rider? Ever wanted instant tips on learning a new trick? How about just a shout out? Tweet @RIDETHEFACTORY or @DUSTINGRICE while we are LIVE!


Recent LIVE Highlights:

Episode 1
Meeting the man and the story behind the first ever backflip on a bike in Minnesota.
Meet our head ramp builder and also our youngest keyholder.
Hear the thoughts about riding The Factory from an X-Games Athlete & Local BMX Legend.

Episode 2
Meet our youngest rider to ever flip, now with over 400,000 views on YouTube, 8yrs old.
Learn about road trips some of the riders have taken themselves, including Woodward Camp.
Checking in with our newest keyholder who has only been coming out for a week.
Meet a rider who learned backflips 15 years ago on a wooden box jump, no foam, no resi.

The Factory is proud to be the first & only skatepark in the entire world to host streaming LIVE sessions!

What is it?
The main focus of our live feed is to join the fun from outside, and learn a few things about our facility and our local riders. We do tons of interviews and love answering questions. Do not expect to see actual tricks within the feed. Quality of the feed is based on current technology & our local data connection.

When is it?
Not all sessions are LIVE, please check back on this page for schedule, our next LIVE date & time is posted on this page. We will also post on our social media pages when we will be doing our next LIVE session.

Can I participate?
Yes! Always feel free to join us right here right at The Factory, however if you are out of town or just can’t make it you can tune in LIVE! If you have a question for a rider or would simply just like a shout out, tweet @RIDETHEFACTORY or @DUSTINGRICE while we are live and we will see it.

Watch Previous LIVE Events

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LIVE Open Session Episode 2: AJ Haines, Darrin Treanor, Reed, Jared, and More

Join us LIVE at The Factory! Interviews with AJ Haines & how he learned backflips on a normal box jump with no foam and no resi, Darrin Treanor & some of the first ever brakeless nose tricks, Reed & Jared talk about learning backflips at 8 and 10 years old, even meet Matt Ford who […]

LIVE Open Session Episode 1: Tim Oliver, Tom Haugen, Kyle Heaser, Dallas Light, Isaac and More

Interviews with Tim Oliver, Kyle Heaser, Tom Haugen, Dallas Light, Simeon, Reed, Jared, Isaac, Chris, Maia, Tufty & more! Highlights: Who did the first ever backflip on a BMX Bike in Minnesota, when was it, and how did it happen with Tim Oliver Meet our youngest keyholder, Isaac X-Games Athlete & Local BMX Legend Tom […]