Membership Agreement

As a Member at The Factory, I agree to the Following:

General Guidelines
The Factory is not responsible for any personal property brought to the Facility. Please ensure that any such personal property is properly attended to. The Factory reserves the right to change its hours of operation from time to time as it may deem necessary or appropriate. Persons violating any rules, whether posted or otherwise, shall be removed from the Facility and may be prohibited from further use of the Facility in the future. Facility users use the Facility solely at their own risk of being injured; The Factory will not be liable for injuries.

All Facility users must wear commercially manufactured safety gear, which requires helmet, and optional kneepads & elbow pads. Failure to wear safety equipment may result in loss of Facility privileges. Proper safety equipment is required to protect you, The Factory, and all other users and spectators of the Facility. All Facility users must have a current, signed liability waiver on file with The Factory. For Facility users under 18 years of age, parent/guardian must sign release forms in person, or have forms notarized. You agree to execute the same prior to using the Facility, and further to provide The Factory with additional copies for its files as The Factory may so require. Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult. All Facility users must practice safety at all times and avoid collisions with others. Fighting or other disruptive behavior will result in loss of Facility privileges.

Portable or personal radio, stereo, CD player or similar device and/or headphones are permitted during your use of the Facility, however users choosing to use such devices must be able to hear The Factory staff and other users at all times. Users must abide by The Factory staff instructions at all times. Failure to do so may result in a loss of Facility privileges.

Please notify The Factory staff of any unsafe conditions found inside or outside of the Facility as soon as possible. Providing prompt notice is key to protecting yourself and other users from injury and to help ensure that the Facility remains in optimal condition. The Facility may not be open during inclement weather, and certain riding areas of the facility may not be open during times of building & maintenance. The use of profanity and abusive language, no matter whom the same are directed at, is prohibited. No skating or bike riding in parking lot, on sidewalks, curbs, or entrance areas near or located outside of and immediately adjacent to the Facility. Proper attire must be worn at all times while in the Facility, including, but not limited to the following: shirt, shorts/pants, shoes, and requisite safety gear.

-I understand that I will be granted 24/7 access to The Factory’s Facility with my own non-exclusive key, which I will never try to replicate or share with anyone else.
-I understand that my Membership payment must be made before using the facility.
-I understand that there are no refunds.
-I understand that the The Factory services and facilities “as is” and agree that all use of the facilities shall be undertaken at my sole risk.
-I will enforce all rules upon others, and report to the owners any abuse to the rules by myself or anyone else in the Facility, and grounds for not doing so may terminate my Membership.
-I understand that I may choose to help and contribute to the Facility and will not be compensated for doing so.

-I understand that all property within The Factory’s leased space is owned by The Factory.
-I will not intentionally damage or steal any The Factory property.
-I understand that The Factory shall not be responsible for any of my property, or the property of my family or guests, which is lost or stolen in the Facility.

Facility Use
-I will only use The Factory’s door for access to the Facility.
-I will dispose of all of my trash and the appropriate trash receptacles.
-I will make sure all of my guests are fully paid for, waivers are signed, helmets are worn, and will properly use my limited Guest Passes and limited Guest Discount Passes when I choose to.
-I will dispose of all of my guests trash and the appropriate trash receptacles.
-I will clean up any mess I make in the restroom.
-I will not bring to or use alcohol or drugs.
-I will commit no acts of violence.
-I will not bring glass into the Facility.
-I will clean up and turn off any music related to The Factory Facility after use.
-I will take full responsibility of making sure The Factory Door is properly locked when leaving the facility.
-I will dispose of any sweeping I choose to voluntary do at the facility and not leave a mess for someone else.

Neighboring Tenants
-I understand The Factory’s Facility Size and our neighboring property lines, and any area I am unsure about that does not appear to have ridable ramps I will stay out of.
-I will not trespass beyond property lines unless in an emergency situation, and when passing through these areas for these items specifically, I will not touch neighboring tenants property or disrupt any neighboring tenants activities. I realize that if our neighbors do not want us around it will hurt the future of our facility and our local riding scene.
-I will be courteous and respectful to neighboring tenants.
-I will make sure any music is at a reasonable volume and not distracting to neighboring tenants.
-I will not wander off into any other areas of the property around The Factory.
-I will drive respectfully around our property.
-I will not litter anywhere on our property.

Ramp Use
-I will wear my helmet at all times.
-I understand there is risk involved in physical activities and I shall not hold The Factory liable for any injuries or damage to myself or property, or that of my family or guests, arising out of the use of the services or facilities, whether or resulting from acts of active or passive negligence on the part of The Factory, its officers or agents.
-I understand that everyone who uses ramps must have paid before riding and have a liability waiver signed, and will enforce this.
-I will return all foam pieces back to the foam pit after use.
-I understand that no one will be jumping off high obstacles into the foam pit.
-I will keep our foam pit clean from any debris.
-I will respect all riders, members, kids, and families who also share the facility with me.
-I will respect others when using our optional shared sound system at a reasonable volume and length of use if sound system is available.
-I will be aware that there could be riders trying to ride without paying and will contact Dustin Grice at 952-200-7732 if anyone seems suspicious.

Abuse & Termination
-I understand that breaking any rules can revoke my key, and/or revoke my Membership, with no refund.
-I understand that The Factory may terminate any Membership at anytime for any reason.
-I understand that The Factory has the right to modify this agreement.
-I understand that anything that will increase exposure about the Facility, including media and visiting pros, may be permitted by an owners approval to use the Facility on special occasions.

-I will do my best to keep an eye out for the future of our facility.
-I will report any issues or concerns with the facility to Dustin Grice at 952-200-7732.
-I will treat our facility as if it were my own home.

I acknowledge that I have read, understand, and agree to follow the Facility rules as posted and/or as may be provided by The Factory. Failure to abide by any such rules shall be cause for ejection from the Facility, and/or suspension or termination of my Facility use privileges.