Introducing The Factory 8.0! Open 24 Hours 8 Years Strong

Introducing The Factory 8.0 🙌🏼🙌🏼 Open 24 Hours 8 Years Strong @RideTheFactory 🙏🏼 What a mission, @SeanMcElroy1 stayed in Minneapolis for 2 months pushing the build of this World-Class “Masterpark”, @KennyLikey non-stop, @TuftyBuilt, @TheBestGlenn, @KyleHeaser, all who put in endless days & nights… THANK YOU. We have so much in the works right now it’s just crazy to see how far we’ve come. We also want to make everyone aware that our pricing will be restructured and increasing starting January 2019. This has been an extremely difficult one. We pushed so hard for 8 years to never increase prices, however it’s just not sustainable and unhealthy for The Factory when all costs keep rising as we try to maintain a park 5 times larger than it was day one. Open sessions, lessons, groups, memberships, everything will be increasing logically based on the inflation that has been ignored over the years. Summer is what shuts down all indoor parks, and those who continue to stick with us and support us throughout our difficult times will have a lower monthly rate. 2019 Pricing will be posted soon. To all the riders & families that support us, our partners, our show riders and the dozens of fairs festivals & schools we work hard for in our extremely slow 6 month “outdoor riding weather” season, we can not thank you enough as we ride together here today. Not only do we want to create a healthy & sustainable facility as long as possible, we want to continue advancing all areas of our facility and offerings to our community. We hope you can see the progress and differences in our lives that The Factory has blessed us with over the past 8 years. You are all amazing. Thank you all. Let’s RIDE! #BuildYourScene #RideTheFactory#RideMN #Factory8.0