Steamboat Days 2015 Photos – Winona, MN

Quote from a local at Steamboat Days: “Best thing I’ve ever seen in Winona in my life!” It is getting very difficult to say this, however this was once again hands down the most incredible show we have seen yet. Not only a jaw dropping location right on the river, thousands of people went absolutely nuts for our grand finale… Even though we are professionals at what we do, at heart we are still kids who will jumping their bikes off anything… Don’t ever think we would have ended our show without launching a rider from our ramp into the river… Kyle Heaser jumped about 35′ over a 20′ gap into the water. Not only that we also saw two of the youngest riders ever in the world to go upside down and backflip on their bikes, Dallas Light and 9 year old Reed Bleymeyer. Dustin Grice, Evan Moyle, Tristan TwisterX15, and Damien Clark were also a huge part of our show this weekend. THANK YOU SO MUCH WINONA STEAMBOAT DAYS, we would LOVE to see you again in 2016 ALL WEEKEND LONG !! Check out all the photos from Maia Rea Photos and all the ones on Instagram with the hashtag #MEGAJUMP and #STEAMBOATDAYS.

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11358167_921960201176296_1242354111_n 55878a2ecefb6.image Best thing I've ever seen in Winona in my life! 11311949_841388295930327_1580441948_n 11420959_1613684835574455_1780066476_n 11541949_716613261783802_6972905228303861676_n 11358180_1596606863927255_1677273248_n 11334421_410255102492550_2029273383_n 11376461_461392167368607_296821190_n 11378322_382125855311301_947334109_n 10733933_455200464651268_2395945248055114394_o 11355309_1664925010402881_1204669998_n 11402848_455200461317935_7084439206214257102_o 11210501_716613295117132_8670025336154409313_n 981369_455200457984602_2904709900083437553_o 11351772_842996099088077_286948406_n 11327947_453217678192714_1196707104_n