Downtown Saint Paul’s 2015 St Patricks Day Block Party Photos – First MegaJump Show of the Year!

Hope everyone had a great St Patricks Day in Minnesota !! We celebrated on Saturday with our first @RideTheFactory show of the year with @RedBullMSP @SimplyStreetBikes & @AaronColton downtown St. Paul, the entire show came literally out of no where with the GORGEOUS weather & somehow ended up being one of the most fun show atmospheres we’ve ever experienced. Literally perfect ramp location & the crowds were freaking nuts. Thank you again St Paul, Red Bull, all riders & parents, and all of the great friends & new people we ran into this weekend, we can only hope the weather is this good next year !! #greatvibes #saintpaul #redbull #redbullmsp #buildyourscene #ridethefactory #megajump #linkfoundation #stpaul #bmx #mysaintpaul #stpatricksday