NEW 2014 Winter Hours & Rates at The Factory – Indoor BMX Riding in Minneapolis, MN

Here it is MN! New 2014 winter rates & hours at The Factory starting tomorrow.

$20 Open Sessions every Tues 6-9pm & Sat 2-5pm, cash or credit, just show up.

Group Lessons every Sat 1-2pm for $30 which includes a free 2-5pm session afterwards, cash or credit, just show up.

Ride 24/7 as a keyholder for $100/month+tax (our main focus, and your best value, since Day 1 of The Factory).

Otherwise if you don’t want to chip in for a key, or dont want to ride an open session, you can ride with a keyholder on their schedule if they invite you and pre-pay for you online before your session, which costs $30 for your private session with a keyholder, contact a keyholder for more.

Rentals: $10 for Bikes and $5 for Helmet/Pads

Contact us is you have any questions!