Washington County Fair 2014 Photos

What a week!! The level of riding at Washington County Fair were some of the best any BMX Show has ever seen! The crowds were great and the staff was even greater! We love when the staff comes and watches the shows. They are the other major reason we love doing them. From the perfect weather, to the great people, it was an all around solid 5 days of shows with everyone walking away smiling. Thanks again and hope to see you next year!!! IMG_4541 IMG_4965 IMG_4962 IMG_4961 IMG_4960 IMG_4932 IMG_4926 IMG_4924 IMG_4923 IMG_4919 IMG_4918 IMG_4893 IMG_4889 IMG_4888 IMG_4887 IMG_4886 IMG_4885 IMG_4883 IMG_4882 IMG_4881 IMG_4879 IMG_4875 IMG_4873 IMG_4864 IMG_4744 IMG_4743 IMG_4742 IMG_4741 IMG_4730 IMG_4729 IMG_4726 IMG_4725 IMG_4722 IMG_4710 IMG_4709 IMG_4708 IMG_4707 IMG_4705 IMG_4704 IMG_4703 IMG_4702 IMG_4701 IMG_4692 IMG_4691 IMG_4690 IMG_4689 IMG_4688 IMG_4687 IMG_4686 IMG_4684 IMG_4603 IMG_4600 IMG_4582 IMG_4580 IMG_4579 IMG_4575 IMG_4557 IMG_4544 IMG_4542