One of the only parks in the entire world (if not the only) started & funded by local riders & families, now with 6′ spine 5.5′ box & 7′ quarters both directions to foam & removable resi, monsterrrr transfers, sub box, grind boxes, etc.

Watch our minnesota scene reallyyyy start to kill it in the next few years… Speaking of killing it, Jason Tufty & Dustin Grice voluntarily just clocked in 40 solid hours of work within 2 days cutting framing sheeting & painting, thank you sooo much to all help & especially everyone who makes this facility possible..

Riders showed up tonight & we seriously destroyedddd the place. Edit soon… Let’s build this facility & our sport even bigger, come chip in ride 24/7 & have your own key

Want to build a facility like this for your scene ? Pull the trigger & do it. Lets chat:))