Save 10% on your Membership this Sunday 9/9 at TCFF's First Open House and Instantly have 24/7 Access to your own Indoor Skatepark

We are excited to offer our first discount this Sunday at The Factory! If you pay in full this Sunday 9/9/2012, you can save 10% on your 6 month keyholder membership ($540+tax). Ride your bike indoors whenever you want 24/7 for only $100/mo.. Winter is coming… Already have a membership? Extend it for another 6 months. This Sunday Only.

Since we opened 18 months ago, we have all been chipping in $100/month ($600+tax every 6 months) to help keep our rent, utilities, and insurance paid. We also book our own stunt shows to help keep these monthly bills paid. All of our members have jobs or go to school, which is why we do not have standard “day sessions” set hours or staff at our facility. The Factory works with everyone’s schedule. Ride during the day, or ride until 4am, you have you own key. Only those who pay can ride the facility. We’re all chipping in to keep this alive.

We have an incredible group of very supportive riders and families that keep our place running, and we would love to see you join. All ages are welcome, we have members from under age 10 to over 40. Many of the riders schedule sessions together, and some riders just like having a solo “acoustic sunset” session on their own. Either way, every single person who has ridden at The Factory has a blast, walks out with new tricks, and looks forward to their next session. The members who have been here from the start have showed an insane improvement in their riding. And yes we’ve even had local riders compete at the Dew Tour this year, as well as contests in Europe. We even had a 46 year old rider backflip in one of our shows this year. You could look at your membership as a long term investment for your riding, or even just a healthy activity & place to get away & have a good time in the evenings.

Did we mention our own stunt shows? Imagine doing your brand new trick in front of more than 1,000 people chanting your name. Showcase your talent. We encourage all of our members to ride in our “Mega Jump” stunt shows. Not to mention we’ve been raising the bar for BMX stunt shows, throwing down some of the biggest BMX tricks in the world this summer alone… 360 backflip, backflip barspin to tailwhip, triple tailwhip.. It never ends.

Our end goal is to grow the sport of BMX, and provide a safe facility to do so. And we would love to have you help us do this. Come see it all happen this Sunday.

3300 5th St NE
Minneapolis, MN 55418

Thanks again for all of your support.