Getting More Kids on Bikes… Donate Your Extra Bike Parts to The Link Foundation

You know of all those old BMX parts you have laying around? Yes the ones that you keep saying that you’ll use some day even though deep down you know that you’ll just go out and buy a new one when the time comes.. Well now, thanks to one of close partners, The Link Foundation, you now have a place to put these parts and actually give someone a bike to ride with your parts. And you can write it off as a donation on your taxes.. Win win win ?? Here are the details on this new project:

When I lost my parents, I retreated to my garage full of bicycles from time to time to escape the reality of the moment and give my mind a rest. I would like to think that there are kids out there dealing with health issues, poverty, or worse, that could use some time away from their day to day reality and sadness, and ride off with a smile on a bike they have always dreamed of. Isn’t that what biking is all about?

The Link Foundation Inc. is always looking for new ways to benefit everyone, most certainly the kids. And what saddens us more than anything, is the thought of kids out there without bikes. And as much as we’d like to put two wheels under every last kid without a bike, that’s a big task. But with our friends, connections, and coolest strangers you’ve ever met, donating bicycle parts and funds, we are now able to build some higher-end BMX bikes to be used to raise funds and awareness for the Link Foundation which in turn supports many charities. And of course get some underprivileged kids the “right” equipment or gear they need to learn and grow on bicycles of their own.

This will possibly be decided by essay contests, Silent auction, or by raffle, that is yet to be decided. We will also be auctioning off Bicycles and parts and other donated goods on our website for more fund raising in the future. So please contact us if you have any questions or better yet would like to donate some parts, promotional items, Or even a whole bike. We are a 5013c Non-prot so we can supply you with all necessary paperwork for your taxes. Please contact us with any questions.

Bikes and “packaged” parts will be promoted at all Mega Jump BMX Stunt Shows. Performed by The Factory 24 Hour Bike Ramp Facility at various events around the Midwest. And will be advertised before, during, and after all shows. Bikes and Products will also be promoted online on our website As well as advertised on various other websites. All Sponsors, donors, volunteers will be included in all promotions tied into The Link Foundations efforts.

The Link Foundation is a 5013c Non-Prot Company That purely exists to promote “human connection” using recycled bicycle chain links, refurbished into charms used to promote awareness for ALL charities involved with our organization including:

• Breast Cancer Education And Research
• Lost Hope Animal Shelters
• Ronald McDonald Houses
• Randy Shaver Cancer Fund
• And More in the Works…

Please Join us in our efforts to make Biking and Life bigger and better for everyone. Link Up Now.