Mega Jump Show at Eagle Brook Church, Ground Zero Fall Retreat, White Bear Lake, Minnesota

We can’t even tell you how exciting this show was, a total of 570 kids screaming at the top of their lungs… This was a very special day, not only because every Mega Jump show is a special day, but because it was our member Tristan’s 15th birthday! Lots of Tristan’s family was in town for this show and they took some great video ! We can also do night shows now !! Our main show of the night was HUGE, everyone blasting the Mega Jump doing 360’s, tailwhips, field goal backflips, a frontflip, and Glenn even end it all with his signature 360 backflip. This is a trick that VERY FEW people in the world can do, and you just saw it right here in White Bear Lake, MN. The autograph lines were HUGE afterwards, special thanks to every single kid out there, all of the supporting parents, and especially, Eagle Brook Church.