White Bear Lake Church BMX Show With The Twin Cities Fantasy Factory on My Birthday

This is the White Bear Lake Eagle brook church BMX Shows that we did with The Twin Cites Fantasy Factory. I did this on my birthday, I turned 15, and we had nearly 600 people as the audience. And they all sang happy birthday to me! I also included the EPIC autograph session that we had, I signed like no kidding 500 autographs! I got to sign someones forehead, someones shoe, lots and lots of arms, and hands, and t-shirts, and our cards. Some of the tricks I did for the show were, one footers, 360’s, tailwhips, no footers, one handers, and just some fun kickouts on the box. Our older riders were doing 360 tailwhips, backflip tuck no handers, frontflips, and even a 360 backflip! The ramp we used was 6 feet tall.