Dustin Grice Invents and Lands the first 360 Footjam to Suicide No Hander

It is very difficult to come up with a trick no one has done before, however Dustin Grice pulled this new one out. When you do a 360, if you let go of the handlebars they will start spinning in an unknown direction because your front wheel is spinning. Many riders do 360 no handers and tuck the bars into their lap so that the bars do not spin (and because they simply look sweet). A few riders, such as Ryan Nyquist and Tom Haugen ride with front brakes and figured out that if you hit your front brakes in a 360 after you go off the jump, your front wheel will stop spinning and you can do a suicide no hander without your bars spinning in an unknown direction. Most riders these days do not have front brakes, which means your front wheel is always spinning when you go off a jump. Dustin figured out how to do a quick footjam after he starts his 360 to stop the front wheel from spinning, then is able to put his foot back on and do the suicide no hander. Witness yourself.