Trying to think of the BEST birthday party ever? With BMX lessons & a private BMX SHOW, the kids will never forget their day at The Factory! The place will be entirely yours during your special day. We have a HUGE foam pit that the kids will flock to as soon as they enter the facility, then about half an hour later they’ll say, “Wait, we have bikes to ride too!!”.

Watch the video:


The Cost – $20/Kid ($100 Minimum)

We charge $20/kid for a 3 hour party, with a $100 minimum. You are welcome to have the party any time outside of our normal Open Sessions.


Best 3 hour party ever! We can do more or less no problem depending on your plans for the day, 2 hours can be short, 4 can start to get long. You can bring presents, food, drinks, cake, anything you’d like to use our facility for.

The Foam Pit – A Perfect Start.

Like we said, our foam pit is one of the most popular feature of our facility. Let’s start the party out by climbing into the foam pit! Throwing little foam cubes, doing somersaults into the foam, it’s always a challenge getting them out!

The Lesson – YES! BMX Lesson Birthday Party.

During your party the kids will all have a one hour group lesson with a private BMX instructor who will be their host for the party. Learn how to ride up & down the ramps, jump into the foam pit, and even tricks! Depending on age & skill level we can teach you just about anything!

The Show – YES! Your own Private Demonstration/STUNT SHOW!

Our BMX instructor will also be doing a small private demonstration of tricks for you! We can add additional pro riders from our summer stunt shows into your private show for an extra cost.

The Equipment – Anything with Wheels!

You are welcome to use any type of bike, scooter, skateboard, really anything with wheels at the facility. We do have bikes, helmets, & pads available for rent, however the kids are more than welcome and encouraged to bring their own bike, skateboard, or scooter for sure. Kids are always most comfortable on their own equipment.

Bike Rental: $10/bike
Safety Equipment Rental: $5 (includes helmet & safety pads)

General Timeline

Say you wanted to have the party from 1-4pm, here’s what your afternoon would look like:

1:00pm – Arrive at The Factory & Jump in Foam (20-30 minutes)
1:30pm – Group Lesson with BMX Instructor (60 minutes)
2:30pm – Private Stunt Show with Instructor (20 minutes)
2:50pm – Group iPhone Photo with Skatepark in Background, second photo in Foam Pit (yes they will all want to jump back in there!)
3:00pm – Last Hour is Open for anything your like!
4:00pm – Head on out!

Our hours are VERY flexible, and so is this general timeline. You are also welcome to come early and decorate if you’d like!


Let’s Get Started! – Contact Us

Expect to get dirty, have LOTS of fun, and memories for a lifetime!

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Thank you! See you soon! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!