First time at a skatepark ? No worries! You are more than welcome at The Factory, here are a few items you may want to think about before you come for your session:

Unless you are just going to The Factory for a weekly open session where you can pay in person via cash or credit, everything else offered at The Factory is required to be pre-paid for online. Payments can be made below, we can always refund you if anything falls thru.

Pay at The Factory
-Weekly Open Sessions Only

Pre Pay Online BEFORE Your Session
Birthday Parties
1-on-1 Private Lessons
Group Sessions
-Bringing a Friend (For Keyholders)

Bikes, Helmets, & Pads (All Optional, but Recommended)

Bringing your own bike, helmet, & pads is always best since you will be most comfortable in them, however if you do not have a bike helmet or pads don’t worry because we have them for rent! We even have a smaller size BMX bike as well for the real young kids.

Practicing at Home?

Feel free to practice at home on the street before any sessions! Getting warmed up & ready to ride is never a bad thing!

Stay Hydrated!

Also bring some WATER & snacks! We do have a soda machine as well just incase.

What can I learn at TCFF?

We can teach you anything from the basics of rolling down a ramp for your first time, to learning tricks like grinding or 360′s. This all depends on the amount of practice you put into it and the rate you progress. Bikeflips, triple truckdrivers, backflip double tailwhips, no handed frontflips, we have more than enough experienced and professional riders at the facility to teach you anything you can handle.


Thank you again for your time and support, we look forward to hosting you at The Factory!

Questions? Contact us & come ride.