Finally! An EASY way to pay for your keyholder membership at The Factory! No more required payments in bulk, no more 6 months up front. This has always been a challenge at The Factory, constantly trying to track down & collect payments from riders all over the place… We have waited YEARS to get to this point, and we are now excited to tell you that you can now pay weekly or monthly via any major credit or debit card.

How do I actually get my physical key?

AFTER you start your payment, simply show up at any of our staffed open session times to pick up your key (Saturday afternoons or Tuesday evenings).

Select an option below and click “Buy Now” to start payment for your key:

Option 1: Pay $25+Tax Weekly (16 Week Minimum, Automatic Billing)

That’s right! Only $25+tax/week to ride 24/7 all day every day. The simplest way to ride year round in Minneapolis.

Option 2: Pay $100+Tax Monthly (4 Month Minimum, Automatic Billing)

Same cost as above, but fewer, simpler transactions… Since day one we have all been paying $100+tax/month, feel free to keep things the same.

Option 3: Pay $500+Tax & Get 1 Month FREE Every 5 months! (Automated Billing)

The original member style !! Of course we now offer a discount for paying up front… Pay $500+tax for 5 months of riding & we’ll always give you ONE MONTH FREE.

Cash or Check

Payment by cash or check is not available for keyholders/weekly or monthly payments. Your only options for paying to ride with cash or check is to show up and ride an Open Session during open hours when our facility is being staffed.

Keyholder Membership Policy & Rules

By starting your keyholder membership payment and having 24/7 access to The Factory, you agree to the following:

Complete Payment
You are responsible for paying completely thru the minimum time period. If you decide to cancel payment before your minimum is due, you may be banned from being a keyholder again in the future.

Respecting The Facility
You are responsible for leaving our facility clean, throwing away your trash, and making sure the door is locked every time you use the facility.

Bringing Friends & Looking Out for Non-Members
Keyholders you are allowed to bring friends with them, however the friend still needs to chip in just like all of us chip in to have our own indoor place. Here are the rules:

                • The keyholder must collect the friend’s payment of $20.
                • BEFORE your session, the keyholder must pay The Factory right here on this page.
                • IF YOU DON’T PRE PAY, what does this look like? “Oh, I forgot..” Don’t even try it. It is considered STEALING FROM THE FACTORY AND WILL BE REPORTED TO THE POLICE. The keyholders key and membership may be revoked with no refund.
                • Also BEFORE your session, the keyholder must make sure the friend has filled out the online waiver.
                • The keyholder must be present at The Factory at all times when the facility is being used with the friend.
                • The keyholder is responsible for any friend they bring to the factory.
                • As a keyholder you are also responsible for reporting any member who you feel is bringing in their non-member friends to use the facility without paying. Who are the current members?

Otherwise any friend is always welcome to join as a member themselves, or ride an Open Session during open hours.

Thank you for your support in our own facility, looking forward to riding together!