Keyholders you are allowed to bring friends with them, however the friend still needs to chip in just like all of us chip in to have our own indoor place. Here are the rules:

  • The keyholder must collect the friend’s payment of $20.
  • BEFORE your session, the keyholder must pay The Factory right here on this page.
  • IF YOU DON’T PRE PAY, what does this look like? “Oh, I forgot..” Don’t even try it. It is considered STEALING FROM THE FACTORY AND WILL BE REPORTED TO THE POLICE. The keyholders key and membership may be revoked with no refund.
  • Also BEFORE your session, the keyholder must make sure the friend has filled out the online waiver.
  • The keyholder must be present at The Factory at all times when the facility is being used with the friend.
  • The keyholder is responsible for any friend they bring to the factory.
  • As a keyholder you are also responsible for reporting any member who you feel is bringing in their non-member friends to use the facility without paying. Who are the current members?

Otherwise any friend is always welcome to join as a member themselves, or ride an Open Session during open hours.

Pay For Friends Online Now BEFORE your session

Simply fill out this form below and complete the payment via PayPal. A PayPal account is not required to complete payment, you can simply enter a debit or credit card number if you’d like. You can fill this out as early as you’d like, days or weeks before your session…

Waivers have been signed by Friends:
Names of Riders ($20/each)
Date & Aprox Time of Session

Thank you for helping us continue to keep our doors open at The Factory!